Waterford Elevator Gag Bit
Waterford Elevator Gag Bit
Waterford Elevator Gag Bit

Waterford Elevator Gag Bit

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The Sweet Iron Waterford Elevator Gag features a mouthpiece that encourages salivation. Elevator gags are highly effective for strong horses. This model provides maximum leverage to help lift and rebalance heavy horses.
The mouthpiece is comprised of a series of oval shaped links. The multiple joints allows for maximum movability in all directions. This is especially common for addressing issues such as leaning, taking hold of the bit and setting the jaw. When the horse tries to take hold of the bit the mouthpiece collapses, leaving the horse with nothing rigid to take hold of.
The mouthpiece is effective in distributing pressure over the tongue and bars of the mouth.

  • Material: Sweet Iron
  • Size: 135mm
  • Mouthpiece Thickness: 15.5mm

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