Product Disclaimer

AJR Sport firmly stands by the quality of our products, assuring their excellence in both material and craftsmanship.  It is essential to be aware that we can not provide a guarantee for any synthetic mouthpieces that may sustain damage due to biting.  To prevent such damage, ensure that the bit rests on the bars of the mouth, away from the teeth.  When positioned correctly, it will avoid any contact with the teeth and remain undamaged.

Occasionally, horses with dental issues may exhibit behaviors such as biting or pushing the bit upwards with their tongues, which could potentially harm the flexible material of AJR synthetic bits.  Be assured that our bits are meticulously crafted from high quality materials, free from any toxins or softening agents.  As a result, AJR Sport will not entertain requests for refunds on synthetic material bits that exhibit signs of damage due to biting.