AJR Sport  Hand-Stitched Leather Pelham Horse Bit

Custom Bits

Every horse and rider create a unique partnership. These partnerships often require specific bits. AJR sport specializes in the production of custom bits to suit every horse and rider's needs.

Upon payment of your custom bit, we will ask that you contact us for a 10 minute consultation, free of additional charge, to ensure the bit is being made to suit your needs.

close of of horse's head and legs while jumping over obstacle during horse jumping event
 Horse Bit with bridle

We will require a detailed description of your ideal bit to include:

Size Requirements (cheek piece and mouthpiece dimensions)
Length or diameter of the cheek piece as well as the mouthpiece length and diameter.
The material desired for each part of the custom bit.
Reference pictures if available.

As part of ensuring your satisfaction, we offer 3D rendering produced from your specifications and reference photo for 55.00 Euro. This will include up to 2 renderings.

Delivery of your bit can vary depending on our production department. Please allow 8-13 weeks for delivery.

Pricing varies based on the desired material and complexity.

Base price starts at 289,00 euro.
All base bits are made from premium stainless steel material. 
Additional add-on can be selected.

Please contact us with your custom bit wishlist.

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