Comfort Barrel Eggbutt Bit
Comfort Barrel Eggbutt Bit
Comfort Barrel Eggbutt Bit

Comfort Barrel Eggbutt Bit

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This special model was designed with the horse’s comfort in mind. The curved design provides significantly more space for the horse's tongue underneath the bit. This allows the horse to comfortably swallow when the reins are not engaged.

This eggbutt bit features an Independent Movement System (IMS). IMS allows the middle barrel to act as a joint allowing only the side of the bit where pressure is applied to rotate. When the reins are engaged, the mouthpiece will then rotate onto the horse's tongue in order to apply the necessary tongue pressure. This process will teach a horse to give into the pressure of the bit or break at the poll.

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: 135mm
  • Mouthpiece Thickness: 12mm

Adam Rittenberg is available for bit consultations to help you better select the perfect AJR Bit.

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